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Ruby On Rails, dynamic table’s & add button using nested_attributes

So here’s the problem, you want to create several items that belong to one item, normally you would just the the has_many and belongs_to (OneToMany) relation in rails. Using this model you create the primary model (such as purchase order) then create several sub items (such as item) and attach them to the primary model. The problem with this is its time consuming and does not always make sense to do things this way, take the Purchase order and Items scenario, it makes much more sense to create the Purchase order and assciated Items in the same form. This is possible in rails uing nested_attributes.

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Adprep & Adprep32 Download

Adprep.exe and Adprep32.exe is a tool found on the Windows Server 2008 installation disc, it is a tool that performs operations that must be completed in an existing Active Directory environment before you can add a new domain controller. You must run this tool if you are: Read the rest of this entry »

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