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Snort Email Reports

Snort has many logging ability’s, syslog, unixsock, tcpdumps, csv, xml, unified and my favourite, database. All these logging methods are great if you are going to look through your logs regularly. But if your busy doing other things or maintaining snort isn’t you main priority how are you expected to keep up to date with the logs.

I find that having snort email me every morning with a simple report is a much better way of ensuring that no one is attacking my systems. It only takes me a minute to read through the report and if there is something I think needs looking at I can easily log into my database and get as much information on the event as I need. So how do you setup email reports, well if you installed Snort on a Debian based system it is already installed, just not setup correctly: Read the rest of this entry »

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Extenting Your Laptop Battery Life

Laptop batteries are generally Lithium-ion batteries, they work buy moving Lithium Ions from the negative electrode to the positive when being used and the opposite when they are charging. They are often used for laptops as they have the best energy-to-weight ratio of all the battery types and only slightly loose change when not in use (about 5-10% per month).

They do, as many of you will know, have several disadvantages, the most prominent being their shelf life. When you charge a Lithium-Ion battery it causes deposits in the electrolyte (much like limescale in your kettle). These deposits reduce the total charge of the battery as well as increasing internal resistance. This is why your laptop batteries eventually die and why laptop manufactures do no cover batteries under warranty, classing them as consumables. Read the rest of this entry »

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VPN: Cannot find Address

VPN is great, it enables us to securely connect to work from home or anywhere else, but there are often problems. I find the most common problem is that people can’t connect to a computer over VPN when the server address uses the same address scheme as the network their connecting form.

For example is you’re at home I bet your IP address is something like and your gateway is, no problems there at all. But what happens if your VPN connection uses a similar address scheme, so your server address is something like The problem happends because the first 3 numbers in a normal IP Address is used to identify the network and the last digit identifies the computer, if there are two networks with the same address i.e. 192.168.0 then how does your computer decide witch netowk to look at? Read the rest of this entry »

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Large FLT Temp Files

Large FLT Temp files are created by the Windows Indexing Service. If you spent a lot of time connected to large network shares or have lots of small files on your computer then you may encounter problems. This is because the Indexing Service spends a lot of time creating indexes for all those files, this slows the computer down because the Indexing Service is constantly writing to the hard drive. The good news is that the Windows Indexing Service is not essential and if it’s slowing your computer down or its filling your hard drive up with large .FLT files you can disable it, this will fix the problem: Read the rest of this entry »

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