Aspera Shares Linux Command Line

The Aspera Command-Line Interface is a collection of Aspera tools for performing secure transfers from the command line. In order to download from Aspera Shares you can use the command line tools efficiently download directly come a linux command line


First you’ll need to install the Aspera cli client, to do this run the following commands:


chmod +x


export PATH=/home/tallen/.aspera/cli/bin:$PATH

echo "export PATH=/home/tallen/.aspera/cli/bin:$PATH" >>  ~/.bashrc

Then to actually download from an Aspera share you can use the following command. Replace [HostName] with the Aspera share hostname, removing any HTTPS or HTTP. Replace [SomeUserName] and [SomePassword] with your login credentials. This command will download the entire folder1/folder2 folder:


aspera shares download --host=[HostName] --username=[SomeUserName] --password=[SomePassword] --source="folder1/folder2"

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