Find Mailbox Size In Outlook 2010

How do you know how much space your emails are taking up on your computer. Well if you are using outlook there is a simple way to find out how much space your using.

Outlook stores all its emails in something called a data file (or .pst file) these can usually be found in your local settings folder (“C:\users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”). In outlook 2010 these data files are shown as either your Mailbox, Archive or Personal Folders. So how do we find out how big these files are:

You need to go to outlook and Right Click on the a Data Store on the Navigation panel in outlook 2010 and select “Data File Properties”, this may be or Mailbox, Archive or any other data file you have setup:

Data_File_SelectThis will bring up the “Data File Properties Window”, in this window click the “Folder Size..” Button.

Data File Properties WindowWhen you click the “Folder Size…” button you will see the folder size window. This will give you the total size of your data file (in Kilo Bytes)  and list the storage size for each of the folders stored within the data store

Outlook 2010 Data file Folder Size

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