Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Have you ever had your computer lost or stolen, had to format it, or had a corrupted HDD, well if you have you’ll know its a pain, especially when trying to get you data back. Now with high-speed networks and cheap storage its becoming more common to backup are data remotely. This helps reduce data lost in the event your computer is lost or damaged.

This is all fair and well for your documents, you just copy them to a remote server and you can sleep safe in the knowledge your files will be OK. But what about your emails, these can be just as important, if not more, then your documents, in fact someone told me the other day that his emails were like is calendar and identity and would be completely lost without them, so its worth ensuring they are all backed up correctly.

If You use Pop 3 then all your emails are saved on your computer, if you loose your computer then you’ll lose your emails. If you use Exchange Server or IMAP then all the emails in your mailbox are stored remotely on a server and are likely to be backed up again somewhere else. However most of Exchange or IMAP accounts have a storage limit so you’ll probably move your emails into your archive once every now and then to save space. Well once your emails move from the IMAP or Exchange servers they are no longer backed up and only reside on your computer.

So you need to backup your archive onto a remote device, as this is the best way to ensure the security of your archive and a good way to backup POP3 accounds. This isnt as hard as it sounds, outlook uses something called a PST (Personal Storage Table) to store your emails in an archive. All you relay need to do is make a new PST file that is stored on a remote device then use this as your archive.

First we need to connect to your remote device, you’ll need something that is capable of Windows or Samba shares in order to Map a new Network Drive (If you don’t already have one of these I highly recommend the Buffalo Linkstation Duo due its RAID1 storage and ease of setup). Navigate to your device my pressing:

Start > Run (windows XP)

Windows Key + R (Windows Vista/7)

then type in:

\\[Storage Address]

Then click OK. Now you will see all the shares on the device, right click on the one you want to use for your archive and press Map Network Drive:

Map Network Drive Button

In the new window choose the drive letter you want for your new dive, anything that is not already in use will do, just don’t fogged witch letter you choose. Then click Finish

Now its time to open outlook so we can setup the new pst. Once outlook is open go to:

New Items > More Items >Outlook Data File

New Items > More Items > Outlook Data FileNow Navigate to the Drive you mapped earlier and click Ok

You will now be asked for a password, it is wise to set one otherwise anyone that access the .pst file will be able to read your emails. Once set click OK.

You should now see the new data file on the Left Hand Pane of Outlook. Every email stored in this folder will be stored on the network device you choose for your archive, if you want you can manually drag emails into this folder to backup them up.

If you want to use Auto-Archive then:

Click File >Options

Advanced > AutoArchive Settings

This will bring up the AutoArchive configuration window, first you need to change the data file the AutoArchive will save to:

Click Browse > Naviage to your Mapped Network Drive > Select your .pst file > Click OK

Now you can fill in the Auto Archive settings as required.

Finlay Click Ok and close the options window. That’s it all done, your have setup a new Data File that is stored remotely and configured outlook to automatically move old emails to this Data File. Now if your computer is stolen or damaged you don’t have to worry about loosing your emails.

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