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Can I connect to an amazon instance and create more instances?

Can I connect to an amazon instance and create more instances? I have heard this question several times now and the answer is yes. You are limited to running 20 On-Demand and 100 Spot Instances per region with Amazon EC2. If that not enough for you then you’ll need to file a Request to Increase the EC2 Instance Limit, to use more instances.

Each instance is basically a virtual machine running on amazons infrastructure, and each instance is allocated its own address allowing you to connect to it. Because each instance runs independently you can connect to as many as you want simultaneously. Read the rest of this entry »

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Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Have you ever had your computer lost or stolen, had to format it, or had a corrupted HDD, well if you have you’ll know its a pain, especially when trying to get you data back. Now with high-speed networks and cheap storage its becoming more common to backup are data remotely. This helps reduce data lost in the event your computer is lost or damaged.

This is all fair and well for your documents, you just copy them to a remote server and you can sleep safe in the knowledge your files will be OK. But what about your emails, these can be just as important, if not more, then your documents, in fact someone told me the other day that his emails were like is calendar and identity and would be completely lost without them, so its worth ensuring they are all backed up correctly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Add NRPE host to Nagios

nagios Logo NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) is a Nagios agent witch allows for remote system monitoring by executing scripts on a remote system allowing monitoring of disk usage, system’s load or number of users currently logged in and much more.

Normally Nagios can only monitor public services such as HTTP & FTP. This is great if you only want to monitor public servers, however I bet that most people want to monitor their own servers and have access to private information, that’s were NRPE comes in. It works on a client server basis, you install a daemon on the machine you want to monitor, then setup your Nagios server to connect to the remote daemon to gather information Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 10 uses for Dedicated/Cloud server

So you want a Dedicated or Cloud server, or you already have one and you want to know what to do with it, well there are many uses for remote servers, just check out the long list at But witch ones are actually worth installing, well that depends on your needs, if you need a web-server then install LAMP, if you need a chat server install IRC. But its always good to look at other servers you can install because it might inspire you to improve your service, If you are already running a popular website on a LAMP server you might not realise you could install an IRC server and provide your readers with a chat room. So read on for my Top 10 uses for a sever Read the rest of this entry »

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Setting up a Seedbox

Tutoiral Seed Torrentflux Logo torrent dataA seed box is a server for downloading and uploading digital files, commonly making use of the BitTorrent protocol. A common use for seed boxes is seeding torrents, it’s much more efficient to setup a Seedbox as it’s likely to have access to higher upload speeds. They are also good for general downloading, its easier to have a server running 24/7 then it is running your PC or Laptop all day. The ability to remote control seed boxes is a great advantage, it enables you to add and monitor downloads from anywhere, especially useful if someone recommends you something to watch at work.

In this tutorial I’m going to talk you through setting up a seed box designed for downloading torrents. I’m going to use TorrentFlux for this tutorial as it can easily be installed on a LAMP stack Read the rest of this entry »

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