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Can I connect to an amazon instance and create more instances?

Can I connect to an amazon instance and create more instances? I have heard this question several times now and the answer is yes. You are limited to running 20 On-Demand and 100 Spot Instances per region with Amazon EC2. If that not enough for you then you’ll need to file a Request to Increase the EC2 Instance Limit, to use more instances.

Each instance is basically a virtual machine running on amazons infrastructure, and each instance is allocated its own address allowing you to connect to it. Because each instance runs independently you can connect to as many as you want simultaneously. Read the rest of this entry »

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Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Save Outlook 2010 Archive Remotely

Have you ever had your computer lost or stolen, had to format it, or had a corrupted HDD, well if you have you’ll know its a pain, especially when trying to get you data back. Now with high-speed networks and cheap storage its becoming more common to backup are data remotely. This helps reduce data lost in the event your computer is lost or damaged.

This is all fair and well for your documents, you just copy them to a remote server and you can sleep safe in the knowledge your files will be OK. But what about your emails, these can be just as important, if not more, then your documents, in fact someone told me the other day that his emails were like is calendar and identity and would be completely lost without them, so its worth ensuring they are all backed up correctly. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to edit Host File Windows 7

The host file in windows is a file that maps host names to IP Address. This works much like a simple DNS, however only one Host Name can go to one IP Address. This can be useful in many situations, for example if you are setting up a small office and don’t have the resources for a DNS you could set-up a host file to resolve internal Host Names for you.

Back in the days of Windows XP and NT all you had to do was open you host file and edit the data. But when windows Vista and 7 came along things became a bit more complicated as you have to open as administrator, so what if your not logged in as an administrator? Read the rest of this entry »

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VPN: Cannot find Address

VPN is great, it enables us to securely connect to work from home or anywhere else, but there are often problems. I find the most common problem is that people can’t connect to a computer over VPN when the server address uses the same address scheme as the network their connecting form.

For example is you’re at home I bet your IP address is something like and your gateway is, no problems there at all. But what happens if your VPN connection uses a similar address scheme, so your server address is something like The problem happends because the first 3 numbers in a normal IP Address is used to identify the network and the last digit identifies the computer, if there are two networks with the same address i.e. 192.168.0 then how does your computer decide witch netowk to look at? Read the rest of this entry »

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