Adprep & Adprep32 Download

Adprep.exe and Adprep32.exe is a tool found on the Windows Server 2008 installation disc, it is a tool that performs operations that must be completed in an existing Active Directory environment before you can add a new domain controller. You must run this tool if you are:

  • Adding a new domain controller that runs a version of Windows Server that is later then the current domain controller
  • Before you upgrade your existing domain controller to a later version of Windows Server

What does adprep do:

  • Updates the Active Directory schema
  • Updates security descriptors
  • Modifies the  access control lists (ACLs) on Active Directory objects and on files in the SYSVOL shared folder
  • Creates new objects, as needed
  • Creates new containers, as needed

You can find Adprep on your Windows Server 2008 CD in the \support\adprep\ or \sources\adprep, however if your like and you ordered you server with no CD‘s or if you have lost your CD‘s you made find it hard to get this tool, as far as I can tell there are no direct download links for the files (other then this page) and the alternative is to download the trail CD‘s and copy the file from there. This is exactly what I had to do however I would of much preferred to simply download the files so I’m adding a link to them on this page, both these files were extracted from the trial CD on the 3rd September 2012 so they should be up to date.




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