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How to mass/bulk delete all unapproved comments from wordpress

Do you have the problem of hundreds of comments building up on your WordPress site, we’ll the best solution is to check it regularly and delete the unwanted comments, just leaving the appropriate ones. However what happens if you go on holiday for a week and don’t check your blog, or if your forget to look at your comments for a few day (i.e. lost weekend down the pub) well you’ll probably find several hundred comments have built up in this time. Now you can delete these comments manually but this is time consuming. To make your life easier I’m going to go through some simple ways of deleting all unapproved comments while not using phpMyAdmin (as every other tutorial I’ve seen does use phpMyAdmin). Read the rest of this entry »

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Backup and Restore a WordPress site

Backing up your WordPress site, why would you want to do that, well what happens if your server goes down due to hardware failure, or your using EC2 and your instance unexpectedly terminates, or your just upgrading your servers and need to move your site, well in this tutorial I’m going to talk you through the process of backing and restoring your WordPress site. Read the rest of this entry »

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Installing WordPress on a LAMP Server

WordPress is CMS designed for blog publishing, it is powered by PHP and MySQL so it runs perfectly on a LAMP server. If you want an example of what you can do with WordPress look here or just look around this site as it also runs on WordPress.

In this tutorial I’m going to talk you through the instillation process for WordPress on a LAMP server. I’m going to be using the same EC2 instance we setup in my “Setting up a LAMP Server” tutorial, however the steps I’ll go through in this tutorial will work on any LAMP server running a Linux based distribution. Rite so lets begin… Read the rest of this entry »

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